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Hermitage Court E18 Ltd 

Hermitage Court was built as a luxury block of flats in the 1930's and for many years it was owned and managed by a property company. 

In 1997 the freehold for the building was acquired by the residents who formed their own company called Hermitage Court E18 Ltd. Most flats now have long leases issued by Hermitage Court E18 Ltd. and the flat owners are shareholders in the company. (There are a few flats that still have historic intermediate leases) 

Hermitage Court E18 Ltd,  is responsible for all aspects of the property including maintenance schedules, the safety and well being of residents and the financial budgets.

The Directors of the company are all flat owners themselves - some residents, others landlords. 

The building management is carried out by Barley Chambers Ltd. on their behalf. 

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