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Useful Information 

Who should I contact with questions about my lease? 

The Company Secretary of Hermitage Court E18 Ltd is Ann Towers. She will be able to answer most questions directly or direct you to the right place to get an answer. Her number is 020 8530 2901 and e mail 

Who should I contact with questions or concerns about the building? 

The buildings are managed on our behalf  by Barley Chambers of 103A Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, London W2 4UW. Telephone 020 7792 5777 e mail

The principal contact is Andrew Farquhar. 

For emergencies or day to day issues you can contact Marcin, the caretaker directly on 0748 3352395 or e mail 

If there is an emergency out of hours and you are not able to contact Barley Chambers or Marcin then there is a list of  emergency contact numbers here 

Can I make structural alterations to my flat? 

This can only be undertaken with prior written permission from the Directors and Managing Agent. Any such alterations or additions could seriously affect the stability of the block and alterations to load bearing walls are not allowed unless RSJs are introduced to compensate and then only in special circumstances. As a general rule load bearing walls are a "no go" area. If you are refurbishing your flat please arrange for noisy and disruptive work to be done during normal working hours as far as possible, with access for craftsmen via rear stairwells not front hallways which spreads debris to six apartments

Rubbish from building and decorating  be removed from site by the craftsmen concerned and not left for the caretaker to remove. 

Can I access the loft areas?

Loft areas are communal and belong to the Freehold Company and are secured by padlocks the keys for which must be obtained from the caretaker for the .use of craftsman and to ensure that the loft insulation is restored if it is disturbed. Now that there are a lot of complicated TV boards and equipment in many lofts they must not be used as a private store and when plumbers and electricians gain access they must be sure not to disturb any of this technology. 

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