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The communal gardens are for the use and enjoyment of residents living at Hermitage Court and their guests

Please follow these rules when making use of the gardens: -

Whilst residents are permitted to use the garden for entertaining, parties and barbecues, such activities must not cause nuisance or annoyance to other residents or garden users and must be over by 11pm (10pm on Sundays).

Playing music is permitted, provided it is in consideration of other residents and users of the garden. Volume should be kept to a minimum.

Any resident inviting guests into the garden are responsible for those persons’ behaviour in the garden. Consideration to other residents is paramount at all times.

Residents are allowed to have barbecues in the garden at their own responsibility. Barbecues should only be used on the back lawn area and supported above the lawn – do not burn the grass.

Under no circumstances should hot charcoals be disposed of in the garden.

Please take all rubbish and personal belongings with you when you leave the garden.

All Hose-Pipes (Back and Front) must be returned immediately after use to the wall mounts.

Anti-social behaviour

Shouting, swearing, spitting, drunkenness and other forms of anti-social behaviour are prohibited.

Children must be supervised by an appropriate adult who is responsible for the care and behaviour of the children. Toys and sports equipment must be cleared away at the end of the day – communal items to be returned to the side away from the main lawn.

Please bear in mind that excessive shouting and noise disrupts the enjoyment of the garden for other residents.

All games e.g. football, tag, etc must be restricted to the garden area and not played on the back or front roads where damage to parked cars and injury to children could occur.

Bouncy Castles and Trampolines are forbidden due to Health & Safety Rules.

As children play on the grass, dogs are not permitted to use the gardens for exercise/bathroom on account of Toxocariasis or similar infection.

Hopefully all residents will be able to use and enjoy our wonderful gardens.

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