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The Community

A friendly place to live

Who lives in Hermitage Court? 

The community is quite mixed. There are some retired and semi retired people, some young professionals (as the estate agents like to call them) and also a number of young families. 

There is a Facebook page for people to keep in touch. 

There are a few House Rules that are in place for the benefit of all in the community. 

Are the gardens shared? 

Yes they are - both at the front and back. In the summer the residents and their friends share the lawns at the back of the building. There is plenty of room for all to sit, chat, eat and play.  There are some Garden Rules of course, just to make sure that everyone can get maximum enjoyment. 

Who looks after the place? 

Marcin, the caretaker looks after the building and is normally around for any questions. Best way to contact him is on his mobile.  He and Alan the Gardener collect the rubbish every week. (more details here) 

The building management is looked after by Barley Chambers 

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