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These rules are designed  to make life in Hermitage Court as safe, pleasant and comfortable as possible for all residents.

(Please note - Your lease does contains a number of other regulations, but these are the ones we think are most important for residents to bear in mind.  Of course all the other regulations in the lease need to be followed as well) 

Parking Usually there is no problem in finding a place to park in the block but  occasionally spaces are more difficult to find. However It is important at all times that everyone respects the no parking areas. They are there to make sure that larger vehicles like delivery vans and, more importantly emergency vehicles can get access. 

Please also respect other residents and do not park in front of stairwells or garages. 

One way system The service road around the back of the block is one way. Whilst it may be tempting to just nip in the wrong way please do not do this as it may cause an accident as no one will be expecting you to arrive from that direction. Please also keep speed to a minimum for the safety of children and cats. 

When you are leaving on the back exit road please STOP at the gate as pedestrians often do not realise that there is an exit road and may step out in front of you. 


Noise does travel between the flats at Hermitage Court - soundproofing was not standard in the 1930's. Please be considerate to your neighbours and keep music and TV volumes at reasonable levels.If it's loud enough for you to hear from an adjoining room then your neighbours can probably hear it too. 

Noise can echo in the stairwells too so please don't slam doors, especially early in the morning or late at night. 

Of course sometimes there are celebrations and parties and there will be some loud music. A reasonable time to turn it down would be 11 pm on a weekday, midnight at the weekend. 

On first and second floors the flats must have fitted carpets and not bare floorboards to keep down the noise for their neighbours downstairs. 

Balconies must not be used to store items or to dry washing. Washing should not be hung from curtain rails visible from the outside. We want the look of the building to reflect the pride we feel about Hermitage Court

Important There are drain holes on the balconies and it is very essential to keep these clear of leaves and other debris. If they are blocked then heavy rain may cause flooding inside the flats. 

The stair wells are Fire Exits and must be kept clear. In the case of a fire residents need to be sure that the exits are not obstructed by items they may fall over like bicycles or toys. 


Grass areas There are specific Garden Rules but in general please do keep to the footpaths and don't use the lawns as a shortcut. You can walk on the grass - just try not to walk across it too much. And when driving please take care not to drive over corners or turning points as this can create a mud bath. 

Dog Lovers - please ensure all dog mess is removed from the grass and carefully disposed of in a bin

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