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Survey results 

Click the icon to download the report 

We carried out a survey in September 2023 to find out a little bit more about our residents and owners. We asked about how they used the gardens and what they appreciated about Hermitage Court 


We invited all of the residents and flat owners to complete the survey. We had a total of 53 replies,  47 of whom were residents so over half of the flats were represented.

Headlines were 

  • As you might expect almost everyone appreciated our attractive building and gardens

  • Over 71% of residents felt there was a sense of community in Hermitage Court 

  • Over 53% of residents regularly use the back garden in summer falling to 38% in winter

  • Over 32% would like some additional storage space outside their flat. 

There were many suggestions and comments on what might be improved and you can read these in the full report 

Thanks to all for participating 

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