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Refuse bins are emptied on Thursday morning between 8 and 9 30 in the morning by Marcin and Alan who then take it to the refuse collection point at the front of block. Rubbish needs to be properly packed in the black bags provided and put out in the bins before 8 am on the Thursday. Please remember to wrap any food waste carefully and place it securely in the bins. We have several foxes at Hermitage Court who are expert at breaking into black bags and leaving a terrible mess. 

Recycling bins are located on the rear service road near the garage quadrangle on the exit road. The local council empties these every couple of weeks. We have one set of bins for Cardboard and Paper and another set for Glass, Plastic and Cans. Please flatten cardboard boxes and squash plastic bottles so we can fit in as much as possible. And please don't leave any rubbish around the bin area. 

Vegetable waste can be recycled on the compost heap which is behind the conifer screen next to the back lawn. Alan makes good use of the compost in the garden so it is worth making the effort. Please don't leave plastic bags on the heap as they do not compost down (or if they do they take an age) 

Other recycling - the place where everything can go is the council's Chigwell Road Civic Amenity Site although there are also recycling banks for clothes and textiles near Snaresbrook Station. 

Large Items - furniture, mattresses etc. need to be collected by arrangement with Redbridge Council - book online here. This is a free service from the Council. Please let Marcin, the caretaker know if you have booked a collection. 

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